Age: 14+
Players: 2-4
Playtime: 15 minutes
Genre: Dexterity game

Destroy Your Enemies. Conquer the Earth.
Players use a space cannon to shoot enemy invaders so their Gorbots will be the first to reach Earth.

How to Play

  1. Roll a die to determine your movement. Move one Gorbot towards Earth or spread the moves over several different pieces.
  2. Fire your space cannon at your enemies. Remember to leave a corridor open so you can shoot your opponents.
  3. Win a point for each piece that invades Earth. The first player to land 3 Gorbots on Earth, wins!


  • Wooden game board
  • 12 colored plastic robots
  • 12 colored marbles
  • 4 spinners
  • 1 die
  • Rulebook


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